Course Design & Deliver - Class Listing

Executive Leadership Development

  • Building Your Brand: Ensuring an Authentic and Consistent Experience of Your Leadership Style
  • Developing Leadership Bench Strength: Talent Development for Tomorrow’s Business Needs
  • Executive Presence: Creating Credible Impressions
  • Inclusive Leadership: Ensuring a Diverse and Integrated Workforce
  • Organizational Leadership: Transitioning from a Team Manager to a Business Executive

Interpersonal Skills

  • Accountability and Productivity: A No Nonsense, No Excuse Approach to Success
  • Big Picture Negotiations: Creating Solutions that Build Trust and Deliver Results
  • Communicating Effectively with DISC: Understanding Ourselves, to Better Understand and Work with Others
  • Influencing without Authority: Partnering with Others to Get Work Done
  • Navigating through Conflict: Moving from Defensiveness to Resolution
  • Persuasion & Case Making: Creating Credible Arguments

Professionalism and Credibility

  • Career Growth & Development: Getting in the Driver’s Seat of Your Success
  • Leading Effective Meetings: Turning Ideas into Action
  • Presenting for Impact: Engaging and Influencing Your Audience
  • Project Management Survival Skills: Taking the Pain Out and Putting the Results In
  • Real World Time Management: Ensuring Efficiency in a Changing Work Environment

Strategic Change and Innovation

  • Building a Change Agent Culture: Developing Strategic Thinking Skills at All Levels
  • Dynamics of Innovation: Enabling Creativity and Strategic Risk Taking
  • Influencing Decision Making and Change: Moving from Agreement to Commitment
  • Setting and Driving Strategy: Evolving from Transactional to Proactive Business Planning
  • The VUCA Challenge: Creating Stability in the Midst of Chaos Creating Stability in the Midst of Chaos

Team Building and Management

  • Building High Performing Teams: Delivering Collective Results
  • Coaching Employees for Results: Empowering Others through Guidance and Feedback
  • Collaborating Across All Lines: Getting the Most Out of Working with Others
  • Motivating Others: Strategic Employee Engagement
  • Real Performance Management: Ensuring Alignment through a Year-Round Dialogue