Effective Delegation

Working Efficiently by Fully Engaging Your Staff

  • Discuss the benefits and common roadblocks to effective delegation
  • Assess own delegation style and skills
  • Determine what should and shouldn't be delegated
  • Align assignments with individual interests and motivations
  • Apply best practices to design a delegation strategy for an individual, team, or organization
  • Practice coaching through the delegation and performance of the work delegate
Date:March 28, 2018
Time:9:00-12:00 AM PST

Reserve your space by March 27, 2018.

Too many people use delegation as a way of offloading routine tasks which they don’t like or don’t think they have the time to do.  Others feel uncomfortable delegating due to giving up control of the outcome or burdening others.  However, used properly, delegation is an effective way of managing personal time and developing staff. Delegation should be done at the correct time, include challenging tasks, and the empowerment and support for achieving those tasks. 

Delegation can sometimes feel like the hardest skill for a manager to master.  But in a work environment that demands we do more with less, innovate new ways of producing results, and demonstrate efficiency in all that we do, it is critical that we not only delegate work effectively but also use it as a means to fully engage our staff.