Executive Presence

Creating Credible Impressions

  • Understand the link between presence and communication 
  • Generate awareness around what helps build credibility with others 
  • Review how body language, tone, pace, and proximity vary and align across cultures 
  • Give and receive feedback to one another based on best practices shared regarding building presence and credibility 
  • Identify collective norms useful for communicating to key stakeholders / leaders within their organization
Date:June 21, 2017
Time:09:30 - 5:00 PM PST

Reserve your space by June 19, 2017.

You walk into a room, you sit down, and before you open your mouth, you’ve already communicated quite a bit about yourself. People begin assessing who you are and what you can do as soon as they see you. This course takes an in-depth look at an individual’s ability to present a credible image.

We focus on the five dimensions necessary for building credible impressions. Participants will review how they present themselves and information in meetings and elsewhere. The best practices and tips will focus on helping individuals to build credibility with others.

Participants will explore communication strategies to help to consciously leverage their tone, body language, proxemics, pace of speech, and audience connection to ensure their message gets heard and that they are seen as a trusted source of information.


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Credible Communication

Delivering Messages for Impact